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Volunteers are our fuel and the constant breeze of fresh energy.

We are lucky to have a constant flow of outgoing, curious, and hard working people coming from all over the world to learn about what we do, to share their knowledge and skills with us.

Some of our volunteers stay for 1 week and some may stay for a few months. Regardless of the length of their stay, all have left a little piece of themselves here and have taken an unforgettable memory with them.

The volunteer program is a wonderful way to experience the Colombian countryside and an eco-farm lifestyle. Volunteers work around 5-6 hours a day, 5 days a week. The work varies depending on what projects are happening on the farm at the moment, also on the skill set and interest of the volunteer. It can be gardening, construction, strimming weeds, fruit picking (mostly mangos and oranges), animal care, artistic projects, English teaching and much more. In exchange volunteers get accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals per day Monday to Friday

On the weekends, we usually try to do something fun as a group, such as exploring the surrounding area, go swimming in the nearby rivers, cook together, and going dancing in Anapoima.

We usually have a few volunteers at a time. We all hang out, exchange stories and experiences.
volunteers daily fee- 7 $ (includes food Monday to Friday, stay and WIFI)


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The finca is breathtaking, the work is engaging but never too intense, and Eyal, Natalia, and the whole family are incredibly kind and welcoming. Many cute animals running around as well.

Chris, USA

I really like my volunteering with Eyal and Natalia during 2 month and a half. They have a gorgeous bamboo house with nice view point on Anapoima, a big garden mainly full of mango and tangerine tree, and also few animals.

I started without any knowledge about how to work in a farm house, it was really interesting and I learned a lot.
In the 2 month I've done many things such as:
Harvesting mangoes

Making dried fruits
Cutting bamboos with machete and chainsaw
Building bamboo ladders
Taking care of Margarita The Donkey
Building a fence

Eyal always asked if you're fine with the job you do, if you wanted to change, he would try to propose a different job. You are always involved and it's never boring!

I learned a lot about working with bamboo and about construction in general while helping with this project! I like that Eyal would teach me how to do a task and then trust me to perform the task while giving positive feedback. Accommodations are clean and the area is beautiful. I enjoyed meeting and getting to know Eyal, Natalia, Sara, their animals, their friends, and other volunteers! I mixed concrete, used an electric handsaw to cut metal screws, picked oranges, cut grass to feed Margarita (the donkey), worked in the garden, etc. There is a small pool, river, and plenty of nature to enjoy in the evenings. I enjoyed sharing experiences and meals with everyone at this project.

Drew, USA

I've stayed in the farm for 2 weeks and enjoyed every minute of it! The place itself is really beautiful. Mango forest and huge bamboo house with hammocks outside. The food is amazing. The place is super clean and cozy. The work includes collecting mangos and construction. I did a lot of things for the first time in my life and it appeared that it's not that difficult to cut metal for example. Loved this experience! As always the best part is people. The owners of the farm Eyal and Natalia are super nice, interesting people, you can learn a lot from them. I was really happy to have a great team of volunteers! We spend a lot if time just talking and it was great.

Daria, Russia

Jean, France

Cultivarte volunteers

Cultivarte volunteers cooking

Cultivarte volunteers

Cultivarte volunteer and Margarita the donkey

Cultivarte volunteers at Raspa Culos

Weekend fun at Raspa Culo

Cultivarte volunteers

Cultivarte volunteers working on the farm

Cultivarte volunteers

Cultivarte volunteers picking lemons

Cultivarte volunteers

Cultivarte volunteers cooking a communal meal

Cultivarte volunteers

Cultivarte volunteers

Cultivarte volunteers

Cultivarte volunteers at Castillo Rumihuaca

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